Sunday, February 22, 2009

Penny - Look at this

Steven Goddard has posted a graph showing CO2 rises lags behind temperature rise on Anthony Watts award winning blog Watts up With That?

Consider the earth 14,000 years ago. CO2 levels were around 200 ppm and temperatures, at 6C below present values, were rising fast. Now consider 30,000 years ago. CO2 levels were also around 200 ppm and temperatures were also about 6C below current levels, yet at that time the earth was cooling. Exactly the same CO2 and temperature levels as 14,000 years ago, but the opposite direction of temperature change. CO2 was not the driver.

As I said in my just previous post -

The lack of evidence showing CO2 to cause warming means Penny Wong has no excuse to introduce her new HAT (Hot Air Tax)

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