Thursday, February 19, 2009

Climate Sceptics Party - A world first

Launch of The Climate Sceptics - A New Political Party
Thursday, February 19th 2009, 6:29 AM GMT
Dear fellow Australians

As President of the world`s first up front political party representing climate sceptics I am asking like minded friends and contacts across Australia to do two things to help us.

(Update: Associate Membership now available to people not on Australian electoral rolls.)

1) Pass this email onto your contacts and
2) Check our web site and consider becoming a member.

We want to get the news of our existance to every climate sceptic in the country and we need your help to do that.

We are under no illusions about the difficulties of politics with many of our team experienced in public and past political roles.

To assist our membership drive, our first 500 members will be given "Foundation Member" status.

500 Foundation members will enable us to qualify for government funds per vote after each election.

Now if you have never joined a political party before, may I reassure you not to judge us on other political parties. Our goal is to make The Climate Sceptics as easy to particpate in and to become as effective as possible.

We have a constitution that upholds accurate science, logical decisions and due accountable processes - things ignored by other parties.

We can meet by email so members can participate from home (a world first for a political party I believe) and
You can immediately sign up as a member on our website within a few minutes.

The team of climate sceptics driving the formation of this party have a broad political base - e.g. from Liberal, Labor, National & minor party backgrounds.

We have realised a new political party is needed to give Australians a voting choice at the next federal and state elections to say clearly we reject an emissions trading system - (as well as many other policies based on alarmist assumptions).

You may think it`s unlikely a new party can get enough votes to make a difference so look carefully at the following three surveys from the ABC

Remember a 12% vote could translate into an upper house seat in any State & Federal election

Past Votes on questions run by the ABC

Question 50

Should Australia sign up to carbon emission reduction targets of between 25-40% by 2020?
Yes, it's necessary as part of a global effort. 76%
No, it would be economically irresponisble. 24%
1424 votes counted

Question 200

Are you willing to pay the extra $7 a week the emissions trading scheme will cost the average household?
No 28%
Yes 72%

Question 267

Has global warming contributed to the conditions causing the bushfires?
Yes 48%
No 43%
Don't know 9%

1742 votes counted

We realise the above ABC votes are not perfect surveys, but even so a substantial climate sceptic vote is noticable and appearing to be growing.

Please consider going to our web site signing up as a member and passing this info on to others who you think may be interested in knowing of our existance.

Yours Sincerely

Leon Ashby

President of The Climate Sceptics

PO Box 721, Mt Gambier SA (Australia) 5290

Ph 0887259561

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