Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Co2 is Innocent!" Investors' Business Daily

In hot pursuit of Co2 - Investors Business Daily 12/3/09.

Some common sense (which is not all that common) in a crazed MSM world, IBD said:

Carol Browner, head of the EPA under the Clinton administration and climate czar for the current White House, is certain that the EPA will make the "endangerment finding" that will help move the process along. The way she talks about it, it sounds like it is now a mere formality the EPA will declare CO2 to be a pollutant.
That's no surprise. The political left for years has been chasing down CO2, which isn't a pollutant even if the Supreme Court says it can be regulated as such under the Clean Air Act. It's a naturally occurring gas that's necessary for life to continue. And it makes up less than four hundred parts per million (0.038%) by volume of our atmosphere.
And humankind's contribution to that small portion is just over 3%, meaning that whatever we do, our impact on greenhouse gas concentrations is virtually negligible. By extension, our impact on global warming is just as negligible.

Carol Browner (shouldn't that be Greener?) should also note that Australia's equivalent to her is our Ms Penny Wong. Although Penny Wong has introduced the Carbon (CO2) Pollution Reduction Scheme, her own office lists the six air pollutants in ambient air as:- carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particles and sulfur dioxide. Note that there is no mention of carbon dioxide.

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