Saturday, March 7, 2009

Al Gore is headed for a crash!

In the Denver Examiner, a report headed: Al Gore: This roller coaster is headed for a crash, he was he was confronted about his unwillingness to debate the issue. It appears he dodged that question.

Mr. Gore pointed to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that produced the four reports calling manmade climate change “unequivocal.” To underscore the importance of the IPCC reports he claimed that the U.N. selected the “3,000 best scientists from the relevant fields” and that they had produced, “four unanimous assessments.”

Two inconvenient untruths there, Big Al. If you go beyond the summary for policymakers, you will find there is nothing "unequivocal."
You will find weasel words like may, perhaps, tend to, could etc etc. There was nothing like 3,000 preparing the Summaries for PolicyMakers.

The evidence shows that the claim of "4000 scientific experts supported the IPCC's claims" is dishonest in
almost every word. There were not 4000 people, but just under 2900; they were not all scientists; and it seems
that they were not all experts. There is only evidence that about 60 people explicitly supported the claim,
although that might not mean much given the vested interests and lack of impartiality of many authors and
reviewers. As mentioned at the start of this document the "support" can only be said to apply to the document as
a whole and is by virtue of the input of authors and reviewers.

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