Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'Act on climate or kill future chances to defraud

From SMH, 17/3/09 in an article without a byline - what no-one would claim credit for this tosh?

"One of the country's top scientists has told politicians to act quickly on climate change or devastate the lives of unborn generations. Penny Sackett, the Government's Chief Scientist, delivered her blunt message to politicians at a dinner at Parliament House on Tuesday night."

So Prof Penny, what was your message?

"Professor Sackett warned the actions of this generation "may deny the next generation the prosperity that we have enjoyed and endanger the lives of millions".

I'm confused. Was it you, Penny, that warned the actions of this generation? Or was it sloppy journalism and it should have read...
Professor Sackett warned this generation that their actions....

"She said slashing carbon emissions now was "the only real future that a baby born today has".

So, how does a baby slash carbon emissions?
What effect will slashing emissions ( presumably you mean Co2 emissions?) have?
Do you, our chief scientist understand that CO2 has been found innocent?
Vostok Ice Core samples have proven that CO2 does not cause globalwarming.

I notice that the report says:
"The politicians left midway through Professor Sackett's speech.."


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