Wednesday, March 4, 2009

AGW - The semantics of denial

On George Monbiot's blog on the UK Guardian Web site:

They claim they're sceptics – but when any explanation will do as long as it backs their theories, 'climate change deniers' is the only term good enough......I use the term deniers not because I am seeking to make a link with the Holocaust, but because I can't think what else to call them. They describe themselves as sceptics, but this is plainly wrong, as they will believe any old rubbish that suits their cause.

Well, George, you are wrong, sorry but you are.

The deniers are the promoters of AGW. Science has moved on. They have had twenty years and spent trillions trying to show that CO2 causes global warming and have not yet done so. (Because they cannot!)

They have denied the fact that ice core studies show that a rise in global temperature CAUSES a rises in atmospheric CO2 and not the other way around. They say that warming will cause all kinds of gloom and doom; denying the historic proof that warming during the MWP was beneficial to mankind; great wealth in Europe; farming in Greenland where the now is permafrost etc etc..

So, George, you see, we are not the deniers, they are! THEY will believe any old rubbish that suits their cause.

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