Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Condemnation over lack of Balance re Climate Change Sceptics

The Belfast Today Newsletter (dated 25/3/09) contains a report entitled Condemnation over Climate change "doubt." The author of the article didn't have the bottle to add his/her name to the article. Such Bravery!

"So what does Ms Armstrong think of Northern Ireland's controversial Environment Minister, who believes that changes in the Earth's climate are primarily natural cycles?
"With any scientific debate there will be differences in opinion," says Ms Armstrong. But are "all" the world's scientists convinced that man is the primary driver behind climate change? Ms Armstrong says she has read recently published-research which showed that of the 77 scientists featured, 75 believe man is the primary cause of climate change."

Hey, Ms Armstrong, do you believe that science is a popularity poll? Any time science comes up with a theory, it is pulled every which way by other scientists to test its scientistic veracity. So, really, it is not a popularity poll.

Fanny (with an 'R') then says that she first heard about man-made global warming (AGW) when she was in school in the 1980's. She now believes there has been enough debate. Great, Fanny (with an 'R"), but have you looked at the science since you were at school in the 80's or did your brain stop thinking then?

The article goes on: "Sceptics argue that of 2,500 scientists who contributed to a landmark UN IPCC report on climate change, the vast majority merely contributed data and only a tiny minority drew the conclusions that man is wrecking the world's climate." In fact, John McLean's very well researched paper says actually the tiny minority is 63!

Ms Armstrong's response?

"I'm not sure," she said. "But I am not interested in debate.
And what of the fact that long before industrialisation, the arctic ice cap was regularly free of ice, long before man was churning out greenhouse gases?

"The debate is over," she replies. "Lets not you and I debate this – we are not scientists. Let us report the facts from scientists – we will just confuse people if we discuss it."

OK Ms Armstrong, Let's not debate this. Let us report the facts from scientists.
Let's report the fact that CO2 is not to blame.
Let's report the fact that 650,000 years of Vostok Ice Core samples show that temperature rise precedes rise in Co2.
Let's report that a recent paper ‘Sources and Sinks of Carbon Dioxide’, by Tom Quirk, Energy and Environment, Volume 20, pages 103-119 shows that Co2 is not too blame.

What an horrendous little creature you are, Ms Armstrong.
"Let's not debate this."
Sure, when all the science is against you, it would not be wise.
"Let's report the facts from scientists." Well, I have and they blow you away. Will you now apologise?
"We will just confuse people if we discuss it."
Sure, the facts kill any argument you have, so I can understand why you don't want to discuss the scientistic truth. You are a disgrace!

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