Thursday, March 5, 2009

NZ Prime Minister awake to Climate Change Hoax?

On the Scoop NZ Web site, NZ Prime Minister John Key is quoted as saying to Investigate Magazine that he wanted..

"to have flexibility so that if the science deteriorates and the climate change sceptics are right we have an ability to alter the impact on our economy".

Well, Mr Key, it's too late. The science has deteriorated and the climate change sceptics are right.

“As a result of learning of the Prime Minister’s comments, Greenpeace, one of the worlds leading NGOs in the climate change area, advised that it would not be participating further in the ETS Review Select Committee."

What a bonus. Not having to deal with the radical, human-hating Greens!

Hey, Mr Key, Looks like you are moving in the right direction! How about jumping ship and forming a NZ chapter of the (Australian) Climate Sceptics party. They can offer you (and any other person from outside Australia) an Associate Membership.

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