Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who's Dumb? Dykstra is dumber

On the strangely labelled Mother Nature Network, Peter Dykstra shows his dumbness with a post titled:Media Mayhem: Deny-a-palooza. Some quotes:

"Yeah, folks, there's a chance climate change isn't for real. There's always a chance. "

Well, that's your first mistake, Peter. Climate does change, climate has been changing all through the course of history.

"There's always a chance that the mounting evidence, the computer models and long-term forecasts are wrong."

That's right, Peter. The computer models are wrong. In fact, if they start at a previous date in time, they can't even predict the present.

"In America, climate change science and climate change politics are two different things. Two decades of a one-sided torrent of peer-reviewed data hasn’t changed that."

Right, the IPCC is the reigning king of Climate science politics that has issued two decades of a one-sided torrent of peer-reviewed data.

Now here's a thought, Peter. Why don't you get along to the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change in New York and reduce your ignorance?

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