Friday, April 30, 2010

What Rudd Government didn't achieve

The Wall Street Journal describes Kevin Rudd as Australia's climate moralist-in-chief. (Link in title) This is an obvious reference to his previous "greatest moral challenge of our times" statement. They go on to say:

Mr. Rudd's about-face raises serious questions about the courage of his political convictions;

In November, Mr. Rudd declared it would be "absolute political cowardice" to delay cap-and-trade

Little wonder the Rudd government tried to bury cap-and-trade by announcing a big crackdown on tobacco companies yesterday.

They are right about him trying to bury the ETS with his great big new tax on tobacco, but this tax also will bring in the billions that he threw at the states to get them to agree to his Titanic-Deck-Chair-like shuffle of the financing of healthcare.

Meanwhile, closer to home, a letter writer, Shane Budden to the Australian has also accused Mr Rudd of moral cowardice.

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