Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Et tu, Julie?

Today, the NZ Herald reported that "Kevin Rudd has suffered the biggest boot in the pants of any Prime Minister in the past 20 years."

They report that voter satisfaction with the PM has plummeted from 50 per cent to 39 per cent and then go on to say "money backing an election victory for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott began flooding in...."

Well, here's an even more worrying scenario. Although the ides of March have come and gone, what if, like Julius Caesar, The Ruddud gets knifed in the back, and mouths the words: "Et tu, Julie?" Can you imagine, Julie Gillard gets the PMship months before the election. Still in her honeymoon period and with the assistance of the MSM cheers squad, she annilhilates Tony Abbott wins the election and the Australian Government moves even further to the left.

Horrible thought!

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