Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lies, Damn lies and Lurches

My name is Taluka Byvalnian and I have run this blog for several years. It has been called TALBYV from the first three letters of my names and also as an anagram for

I believe that Mr Rudd lied his way into government by pretending that he was John Howard Lite. He said that he was
• an economic rationalist - wrong;
• he said that he would control petrol prices - wrong;
• he said that he would control grocery prices - wrong;
• he said that he would turn back the boats - wrong

During his shortened term as PM, he told many porkies:
• he lied about a special deal for the Tamils on the Ocean Viking;
• he lied about being or not being a socliaist;
• he lied about his father's death;
• he lied about his family being immediately thrown off the share-cropping farm;
• he lied about the Brian Burke meeting in Perth
• he lied about renting a house owned by his wife;
• he lied about his drunken escapade at Scores Strip club;
• he lied about the fake ANZAC day dawn service;

Well, for the time being, Mr Rudd has left the leadership but has not ruled out a challenge. Now Ms Gillard and her deputy Wayne Swann are lurching from lie to disaster to lie to under-the-carpet sweeping manoevers.

Surprisingly, for all her lies and lurches, the two party preferred is still 50/50.
(Labor is on 35, the Coalition 42 and Greens on 14) Obviously, some are not concentrating!

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