Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trading F...wits

From the SMH 15/8/09:

It was in the garden of the Hyatt Regency Coolum Hotel on Queensland's Sunshine Coast after a spirited debate on climate change at the annual Consilium conference of the Centre for Independent Studies.

The sceptic was one of Australia's most successful entrepreneurs, Peter Farrell, founder of ResMed, a company that generates about $1billion a year selling treatments for sleep apnoea.

Farrell believes that while climate change may be real, it's not because of human activity. And he's impatient with people who disagree. He met his match.

“Why is everyone a f---wit except you?” fumed Turnbull, the climate change believer.

Well, everyone but Mr Farrell, more than 33,000 US scientists, members of his own party like Tony Abbott, Nick Minchin, Wilson Tuckey, members of his coalition like Barnaby Joyce and Ron Boswell, like respected Australian scientists such as Professors Carter and Plimer, Bill Kininmonth and the members of the newly formed Climate Sceptics party etc etc

Perhaps Mr Farrell should have replied: "“Why is everyone a f---wit except you?”

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