Friday, August 21, 2009

Do you think we are being misled? If so, let your member know.

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I think we are being fooled by the media into thinking that the majority of people are in favour of the RET and the CPRS and the ETS.
The problem is that people aren’t being given the facts.
For the last 2+ years I ask anybody and everybody I talk to about AGW.
Up to date most haven’t had a clue what it is all about but they want to know and are frustrated that they can’t find out.
And 80%+ have this suspicion that they are in the process of being had.

But it would appear that the word is gradually getting out.
Just looking at the letters to the editor now compared to a year ago is enlightening.
A local radio station talk host has had an open line for the last two afternoons on AGW and the ETS.
By the end of today he was pleading for someone who was in favour of these bills to call in just to show he was willing to talk to the green side.
Nobody did.

I agree with (Party Member) Alan that talking to the senators, who are the ones voting on this issue would be beneficial, but I suspect that even if they have an open mind on the issue, the party line will rule.

Talking to the voters is hard, but at least talkback radio has the possibility of being our version of the US town-hall meetings, which have been decimating the proposed US government medical bill.

If our members called in to their local talk back radio at least once a week with a short to-the-point message we may start getting our message across.

The messages would need to be educational and focussed on just one or two points.


• From unpublished observations it is clear that Antarctica and the Arctic are not rapidly melting. It is always interesting that the green, alarm raising photo spreads are always from “summer” photos when melting has always occurred.That’s a bit like showing January photos of our ski resorts and saying that their lack of snow is due to GW.

Do you think we are being misled? If so, let your member know.

• Although the government says that CO2 is the major GHG it’s not.
Water vapour and the clouds that form from it make up 95% of the GHG.
CO2 is only 4%. The reason why water vapour is left out is because the government can’t control it. And controlling all of us is one of their objectives.

Do you think we are being misled? If so, let your member know.

• Green Electrical Power.
Lets take a power plant that is rated at 100MW. If its fuel is coal or gas it will produce power for 20 hours a day or 20MWh/day. (megawatt hours/day) If it is solar or wind it will only produce 5 MWh/day.

And it is the MWhs that is what is available for people and industry to use.
That means we need 4 x 100MW green power stations to be installed to replace one carbon fuelled plant.
Not only that but because we don’t know when these green plants will produce their power we need an active carbon or hydro plant ready to take over when the wind drops or the sun goes down.

Do you think we are being misled? If so, let your member know.

The government has said that the increase to your power bills will be the only extra cost you incur. It has been pointed out that farmers and other businesses will also pass on their yet unknown extra costs,
But one that isn’t ever mentioned is your local council, who has huge power bills to keep street lights and office buildings, libraries, theatres etc & recreational facilities powered. Guess who will pay?

Do you think we are being misled? If so, let your member know.

So guys have a think about whether a “sowing the seeds of doubt” via talkback, the press or to general electronic sites would be beneficial.


John Ibbotson

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