Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hail the hero, Godwin Grech

In an "Australian" editorial entitled Whistleblowers play essential role June 25, 2009. "IT will come as little surprise to learn that The Australian is in favour of public service leaks. The more the better. Whistleblowing serves the public interest, increasing transparency, enforcing accountability and protecting democracy."

This man, who thought he was doing a patriotic duty exposing what he thought was government corruption, should be held on shoulders and marched around like a hero. Instead he has been used as a Labor Party whipping boy, has been ridiculed, has been silenced by Labor Senator Bullies, Bullied by his superior in the senate enquiry and has had his health harmed.

Shame, Labor Senators, Shame.
Shame Kevin Rudd, shame.

And to be perfectly even-handed, shame Malcolm Turnbull for creeping round the questions instead of championing the little guy whistleblower.

Incidentally, isn't the Labor party against bullying, or does that only occur when it isn;t themselves.

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