Wednesday, June 3, 2009

French "Spiderman" Comic Book Hero climbs Sydney Building

He calls himself Spiderman - a comic book character and he suffers from vertigo??? A spin Doctor? He apologised for any disruption he caused, but said he was motivated by his campaign to raise awareness about global warming.

As Al Gore says: "Do these go together? It's complicated."

Al Gore promotes the falsehood of Anthropgenic Global Warming to line his pockets from Speaking Fees and, even more, from trading in Carbon Credits. Does this clown "Spiderman" do it for money?

I don't think Kevin Rudd believes it anymore, Al "Do these go together? It's complicated" Gore must have known that if he put those two graphs together they would show that CO2 rises followed Global temperature rises.

The Frenchman admitted he suffers vertigo - a condition characterised by dizziness...

Ahha! Dizziness, that explains it. He confuses Climate Change with CLIMB-IT change!

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