Tuesday, March 30, 2010

US TV Forecasts Global Cooling

From Leslie Kaufman - The New York Times:

The debate over global warming has ..... created tensions between two groups that might be expected to agree on the issue: climate scientists and meteorologists, especially those who serve as TV weather forecasters.

Kaufman is reporting on a study by George Mason University:


Many of the weathercasters said that having access to resources such as climate scientists to interview and high-quality graphics and animations to use on-air would increase their ability to educate the public about climate change.

However, despite their interest in reporting more on this issue, the majority of weathercasters (61 percent) feel there is a lot of disagreement among scientists about the issue of global warming. Though 54 percent indicated that global warming is happening, 25 percent indicated it isn't, and 21 percent say they don't know yet.
More than a quarter of the weathercasters in the survey agreed with the statement "Global warming is a scam," the researchers found.

Meanwhile, The New American reprots that " Global-warming Alarmism Dying a Slow Death."


Alex Newman writes:

The climate alarmists were already doing poorly in the United States before the Copenhagen failure. An October 2009 Pew poll showed that only 36 percent of Americans even believed in man-made global warming. The issue consistently ranked last among public priorities. Commentators referred to the movement as a “cult,” and critics ridiculed the theories and dangerous “solutions” all over the Internet. And that was before the proverbial hitting of the fan late last year

He goes on to elaborate about the Climate Gate e-mails, followed by Glaciergate, Amazongate,Africagate, Chinagate, and the False claims about Netherlands.

He also says that, backed into a corner, Alarmists are fighting back.

And Alex's his last word?

Scaremongering to swindle the public out of money and freedom is an old trick. But hopefully, people will know better than to fall for it again next time.

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